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About Cryosite

Cryosite, the highest standard of cord blood and tissue banking in Australia

Cryosite has been banking cord blood stem cells since 2002 and are fully licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and accredited by NATA, to provide both autologous and directed allogeneic cord blood stem cell banking services.

Expert Industry Knowledge and Onsite Research

Our team of leading scientists have also developed an effective method to extract and store viable mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from umbilical cord tissue. These stem cells are being studied for potentially groundbreaking future applications in bone, cartilage, tendon and neuron regeneration.

Saving both cord blood and cord tissue stem cells gives your family the opportunity to access current and future therapies. 

Tissue banking methods unique to Cryosite

  • Cryosite provides parents with more tissue banking options. We extract the high value MSC’s from the perivascular region of the umbilical cord prior to storage to maintain their viability AND also store the remaining cord tissue in case a valid method is developed in the future to use these residual cells.
  • Cryosite do not charge additional fees to store using BOTH methods.
  • We are the only company with patent protected access to the unique stem cell source the highly concentrated perivascular region of the umbilical cord.
  • Cryosite’s utilises validated patented cord tissue methods.
  • Cryosite’s methods are accepted and protected under the following Australian patents:
    1. Progenitor Cells from WJ of Human Umbilical Cord {Patent ref: AU 2004210891}
    2. Viable Cells from Frozen Umbilical Cord Tissue {Patent ref: AU 2006329195}
    3. Immune Privileged and Modulatory Progenitor Cells {Patent ref: AU 2007247725}

More about Cryosite

Clinical Trials - Stem Cell Manufacturing - Biorepository Services

In addition to cord blood and tissue banking, Cryosite’s recognised expertise within the industry, both within Australia and internationally, enables us to benefit from the provision of specialised services and consultancies to the Australian and international medical research and bio-pharmaceutical sector.

Cryosite’s Clinical Trials division was established in 2003 and now manages over 400 trials for 60 of the largest local and international biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations.

Cryosite’s Bio-repository division was established in 2000 and provides controlled cryogenic storage, manipulation and logistics for over 50 major local and international clients.

Cryosite’s Stem Cell Manufacturing division manufacture stem cell products for both therapeutic use and clinical trials, and is currently collaborating in the development and manufacture of new stem cell products for human application.

Cryosite’s specialised divisions maintain our technical and scientific edge at an international level, and provide our cord blood and tissue customers with a more secure financial outlook than could be offered offer by relying on banking cord blood/tissue only.

Certified and Accredited

Cryosite’s laboratories and cryogenic storage facility exceed Australia’s current regulatory requirements.

  • Cryosite have been continually licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) since 2002.
  • ​We are the only Australian family cord bank to achieve NATA accreditation (ISO:15189)
Future Security

Cryosite is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). As the only publicly listed cord blood and tissue bank in the country, Cryosite is the only company that makes its long term financial position always accessible to parents. 

When storing your child’s stem cells for decades you need to know that the company who stores them will be there when you need them.