Retrieve Your Child’s Cord Blood and Tissue

Retrieving Cord Blood

All cord blood is ready for immediate use. In the event that your child’s cord blood is needed for treatment, you or the treating doctor simply contacts us and we organise the rest.

Once we receive written direction to release the sample, we use our validated transport systems to ensure the cryopreserved cord blood is safely transported to any transplant centre in the world. We do not charge to prepare and ship your baby’s cord blood stem cells within Australia. However, you will need to pay any costs associated with shipping the cord blood to an overseas transplant centre.

Retrieving Cord Tissue

Cryosite’s patented cord tissue methods mean that your child’s perivascular cells are ready for immediate expansion and use. Our laboratories are capable of expanding the stem cells if larger cell numbers are required.

There are currently no approved therapies using cord tissue cells in Australia. In the event that your child’s cord tissue is approved for clinical use in the future, you may be charged to prepare the cells for treatment and also for shipment if this is to be undertaken overseas.