Cryosite is a specialist in providing
outsourced clinical trials logistic services

In the highly regulated, complicated, clinical trial environment, our mission is simple: we take care of your warehousing, distribution and logistics needs so you can concentrate on your core objectives.

Cryosite’s third party logistics cover the scope of your clinical trial supply chain needs: biological storage, comparator sourcing, distribution, and reverse logistics. We have 20 years’ experience working with domestic and global CRO (contract research organisations) and pharmaceutical companies, with expertise in medicines, including controlled drugs.

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Specialist clinical trial logistics


Cryosite provides specialised outsourced clinical trial logistics to a wide range of domestic and global clients in the research, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and biotechnology industries. We support our clients through the clinical trial process – from controlled temperature storage, through comparator sourcing, secondary packaging to reverse logistics.


Biological storage


Cryosite has extensive experience in controlled temperature storage of clinical samples. We manage interim and long term secure storage of investigational products including drugs, biologics, human tissues, pharmacokinetic (PK) samples and medical ancillary devices. From our modern, purpose built, storage facilities, we coordinate distribution of these samples to testing laboratories or investigator sites as required.

Comparator sourcing

An integral part of Cryosite’s logistics services is comparator sourcing. We can assist with sourcing, supply and labelling of active comparator medications and inactive placebos.

Cryosite is licensed for secondary packaging: our services include reconfiguration of packaging with modern equipment and relabelling according to clinical trial requirements. 

Proven capabilities

Established in 2000, Cryosite has 20 years’ experience in clinical trial logistics. Our team is comprised of highly qualified scientists and clinical trials experts who ensure complex clinical trials are conducted with seamless efficiency and safety.

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Quality management systems


Cryosite operates in a modern facility designed for purpose and function, with TGA GMP certification. Our quality management systems uphold regulatory and statutory requirements to ensure compliance and seamless clinical services.


Our state-of-the-art security systems ensure secure, segregated storage is provided for each clinical trial.



Reverse logistics


Cryosite manages the full returns process. At the end of each clinical trial we organise collection of unused medication and returns to the client. This includes collection from patients who may not have completed follow up – we reconcile each tablet and conduct a full audit.


Alternatively, we can arrange for the controlled destruction of goods with a Certificate of Destruction issued upon completion for your records.