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Cathy Freeman, Olympic Gold Medallist

"Cryosite have provided James and I with great peace of mind. We are reassured knowing that, should we require it, Cryosite have the medical and technological ability to provide our family with the opportunity for a positive medical outcome."

"We are thankful for the service and support Cryosite have provided."

Shelley Craft, Channel 9 TV Personality

"As a new parent all you want is to provide the best possible opportunities for your child. I believe this starts with the collection and storage of the vital cord blood at the time of birth."

"Therefore, when I discovered that I was pregnant, I contacted Cryosite who provided me with a wealth of information on the subject, helping me to make an educated and informed decision on cord blood collection. Once I had decided to go with Cryosite for the collection, a collection pack was delivered to my home so all I had to do was take it to the hospital with me at the time of delivery. Our Doctor did the rest. The package was picked up from the hospital and shipped to the Cryosite laboratory within hours of me giving birth to my beautiful baby girl."

"I pray that my daughter will never need to call on it, but I now know that should my child ever need this invaluable cord blood in the future, it is readily available and I have the comfort of knowing that I have given her the best possible chance."

Dani, Melbourne VIC

"Family Banking saved my child’s life. When Miles was diagnosed with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia we were able to transfuse his brothers cord blood stem cells that we had previously banked with Cryosite."

Read Miles Family Cord Blood Banking story here.

Emily Reid, Ryde NSW

"We chose to store our baby Hugo's cord blood with Cryosite because of the smooth and easy process we encountered with them when we stored our first baby's cord blood with them two years ago. Once the forms were complete, everything was taken care of by Cryosite and all we had to do was remember to take the box to hospital and call the courier once our baby was born!"

"With all of the current medical research, trials and treatments involving stem cells we felt that it was a small but extremely important step that we could take to extending the possibilities of health for our babies for years to come.”

Rasa Blansjaar, Kensington VIC

"Before we chose Cryosite, we reviewed the information brochures and websites of several different companies. As I am not in the medical profession and do not know much about the background of these companies, it was initially hard to choose who to store the cord blood with. Cost wise, we found most companies to be comparable."

"In the end, we made our decision by asking several midwives and nurses, which company the obstetricians, prefer to use. As we suspected, they gave us advice, based on the ease of use of the collection kit, the company provides. Hence, our choice to use Cryosite."

"Cryosite provided a detailed contract and instructions on the required steps to have our baby’s cord blood stored. Once we had signed the contract, we received the Cryosite collection kit. We were impressed with the customer service level provided by both the delivery and the collection (after the birth) of the kit. The couriers were flexible and asked for delivery times and dates that suited us. Likewise, for the collection, they arrived promptly and were polite and considerate. "

"Since then we have received notification that our baby’s cord blood has been successfully frozen. It is genuine peace of mind to know that this has now been done. We hope, of course, that our daughter never needs to access the cord blood and when she turns 18, she can choose to donate or keep it frozen."

"Overall, we have been very satisfied with the service we received from Cryosite".

Sylvia Lesmana, Pyrmont NSW

"I have stored my baby's cord blood with Cryosite because Cryosite has an exceptional reputation in cord blood stem cell banking.”

"The staff that I have dealt with were professional and friendly. I first heard about Cryosite from the Baby Fair at Sydney Convention Center Darling Harbour. They took time to explain things and answered every question."

"Registering with Cryosite was also very straight forward and easy. Right from my initial queries, then the phone call up to collections of the cord blood, the staff have been very informative, supportive and professional. I was also particularly impressed by the flexibility of the collector. I had some concerns about coordinating the collector into the process, but in the end, everything fell into place promptly without any problems."

Geraldine Rielly, Balmoral QLD

"I decided to store my baby’s cord blood with Cryosite, not just for the friendly service but peace of mind for my baby’s future. Storing this blood serves as a type of insurance. By storing with Cryosite, it provides me with peace of mind that this valuable resource is there if I need it. This is my security knowing that there is a viable option to overcome life threatening diseases like treating various cancers and blood disorders."

"I would call on all future parents to consider storing their baby’s cord blood as today’s miracles will become tomorrow’s routine treatment. Imagine the possibilities.”

Nora Waugh, Balgowlah NSW

"This is my second time storing cord blood with Cryosite. I chose Cryosite because they have been around the longest and that gives me the peace of mind that I’m dealing with the best and most experienced in the industry."

"The registration process was simple to follow. Once the forms were lodged we didn’t have to do much other than turn up at the hospital for our baby’s delivery and the collection box was waiting there ready to be used. My obstetrician even said he prefers using this collection kit to the other companies out there. The Cryosite courier arrived super quickly to collect the box - less than an hour after my daughter was born. We were very impressed with the efficiency and speed of the whole process."

"As I am not planning on having any more children, I sincerely hope that I never have to call on Cryosite again for anything but just knowing that this option is now there for my children is a great feeling. I would highly recommend Cryosite to anyone who is considering storing their baby’s cord blood. It’s something that’s worth doing and worth doing right."

Hayley Markham, Bronte NSW

"My husband and I decided to store our babies cord blood with Cryosite after a recommendation from our Doctor regarding the quality of service offered by Cryosite and the facilities available. Storing our babies cord blood was an easy decision."

"In the hopefully unlikely event that our baby gets sick in the future we are much better equipped to deal with the problem now that we have the cord blood available to us. As soon as I met my baby it was clear that we had made the right decision. I would certainly do anything to increase her chances of a healthy, happy and long life and cord blood storage seems like one way to help achieve this."

"Cryosite were helpful and extremely efficient. Within 24 hrs of calling them I had all the answers I needed and had the cord blood pack sent to my house, ready for the birth the next day. The whole experience couldn't have been easier."

Jillian Haramina, Tallebudgera, QLD

"There are so many benefits for storing cord blood and there is only once chance to save it. We stored our first son’s cord blood and when we found out we were pregnant again, we naturally wanted to store the cord blood for our second son. It is peace of mind for my husband and I knowing that we have this precious cord blood stored for use if our children ever need it."

"We found dealing with the team at Cryosite a pleasure. Collection of the cord blood on the ‘big day’ was very simple and straight forward."

Tara Campbell, Sorrento WA

"We have stored the cord blood of all three of our children with Cryosite. We initially chose Cryosite when pregnant with our first child in 2004. After much research, we came to this decision as we felt that Cryosite gave us the most information about the benefits of storing cord blood and the process involved (among other companies at the time)."

"Once deciding to register with Cryosite, everything was very straight forward, which is important given how many things there are to manage and organise in the lead up to the arrival of a new baby. The procedure itself was very well managed by the Cryosite team (in conjunction with our chosen hospital and obstetrician), and everything that we were told would happen did so as agreed and in a timely manner."

"We were so impressed with the quality and ease of the service we received that we have used Cryosite twice again since that time (in 2006 and most recently 2011)."

Daniela Adams, Claremont WA

"Without science via IVF our little family would not have been possible. We have learned to rely upon and utilise it (science) to our advantage. So, when we came across the Cryosite flyer in my Obstetrician’s rooms, it was instantly clear to us: this is something to explore further.

After comparing the scope of services and fees across the 3 major providers of cord blood storage in Australia, we came to the conclusion that Cryosite will be the best option for us: having and running their own bank as well as not applying any extra fees for more remote areas.

Once our son was born and we made the call to notify Cryosite’s appointed courier, he was at my hospital side within 0.5 hour and all this on a public holiday. We are glad to have made this investment in to our son’s future, one that he will hopefully never need. But it gives us a little peace of mind knowing that we have secured this precious extra help, just in case."

Judi Young, Moorooka, QLD

"I spoke with a Cryosite representative who was able to tell me all the benefits, the process and answer any questions. I knew it was a one time opportunity and I regretted not doing it for my first child. I have peace of mind knowing that we have done everything possible to protect my children should they be faced with illness later in life."

"The cost of the storing cord blood with Cryosite worked out to be less than $200 a year. This one off opportunity is a reassuring decision for our children’s future."

Elli Criddle, North Bondi, NSW

"My husband and I decided to use Cryosite to store the cord blood of both of our children. Our obstetrician recommended Cryosite, and from beginning to end we have been thrilled with the simplicity and professionalism of their service. On both occasions I left registration and paperwork to the last minute and rang Cryosite in a bit of a flap wondering if it was all too late. Happily, on both occasions the team at Cryosite did everything possible to make sure everything still went smoothly, despite my disorganisation!"

"The decision to bank our children’s cord blood came easily. We don’t know much about science and medicine, but we thought that if there was any way we could help our children in the future, it was worth doing. Our babies health is the most important thing in the world to us and so the decision was, ultimately, an easy one. It’s a significant financial investment, but one that we could not risk not spending. We hope we never have to use our children’s cord blood, but if we ever need it, we will be reassured to know that we made the right decision at the time."

Nikki Watson, Dawesville, WA

"Before our son was born we had talked about the benefits of cord blood storage but time passed and before we knew it our son was born and we hadn’t arranged anything. At two years of age he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and whilst his cord blood may not have helped him today, with the ongoing advancements in medical technology maybe one day it could have."

"When I fell pregnant with our second child, cord blood storage was high on our list of priorities, and so after some initial research we decided upon Cryosite because of its professionalism, expertise and lab ownership."

Giaan Rooney

'I had never heard of 'cord blood storage' until I was pregnant with my first child, Zander, so I decided to do some research. Given my background as an athlete, I believe health is our greatest asset, and while I hope I never have to use my Cord Blood for Zander or any other member of my family, I love the piece of mind that comes with knowing it is in storage if we do need it. Through my own research, Cryosite became an easy choice for our storage requirements, and made the whole process a breeze, so much so, that I didn't even think twice about once again making contact with Cryosite to store the Cord Blood & Tissue for our second child, Alexa!'